Banking and Finance Law

Alternative financing forms are becoming increasingly important. We therefore go beyond “classical” banking and credit contract law to also cover the design of alternative forms of company funding as well as purchase and sales financing. This ranges from leasing and factoring, mezzanine capital, profit participation certificates and corporate bonds to participation in private equity companies.

 Our consultations in the individual areas of banking and finance law particularly include: 

  • “Classical” banking and credit law, as for example in connection with the conclusion or termination of credit agreements
  • Solutions for both securing credit and appraising credit securities, especially within the scope of bankruptcy proceedings
  • Monitoring credit and collateral pools in connection with their constitution and settlement
  • Financing specific investments, for example by means of leasing and factoring
  • Mezzanine capital
  • Profit participation certificates
  • Corporate bonds
  • Credit and participation contracts, shareholder agreements and articles of association with regard to capital market legal requirements
  • Participation in private equity companies
  • Capital increases
  • Initial public offerings (IPO)
  • Going private and other exit strategies
  • Public guarantees