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"Trade Law Firm oft the Year in Germany"

Commercial / Outsourced Legal Department

Our Practice Group “Commercial / Outsourced Legal Department” provides continuous advice and support to clients on all legal questions related to its business operations. National and international companies that either lack a legal department or require extra legal capacities and special expertise can engage us to act as their outsourced legal department. We are familiar with internal company processes and therefore used to working with and within corporate structures to achieve effective results for our clients, either together with their legal department or in direct contact with managing directors or operational departments.

Our main activities comprise the following:

  • Drafting and negotiating national and international contracts
  • Assessing complex legal questions for immediate implementation in client business operations
  • Drafting, implementing and updating necessary template contracts and general terms and conditions
  • Legal optimization of procedures and processes within client operations
  • Legal training of client employees
  • Protection of know-how and intellectual property
  • Administration and termination of agreements, including pursuance of and defense against any resulting legal claims (e.g. warranty claims, penalties, exclusivities, product liability)
  • Dispute resolution, either through extra-judicial settlement or before German courts and arbitration tribunals (if necessary, together with our Practice Group “Dispute Resolution”)

Our expertise covers practically all areas of commercial law, in particular the following:

Research and Development, Licensing Law, Distribution and Purchase, Commercial and Contract Law, Unfair Competition, Anti-Trust Law, Copyright Law, Trademark Law, IP Law, IT and Internet Law.

The Practice Group Commercical/Outsourced Legal department was elected “Trade Law Firm of the Year in Germany” by Corporate INTL in 2015 and 2016.