Copyright Law

FRANZ RECHTSANWÄLTE have many years of experience in consultation and litigation for all areas of copyright and media law. Key issues include offering legal guidance to creators of protected works on how to leverage and defend their rights against infringements by third parties. 

When copyright infringements occur, we enforce the claims of our clients both inside and outside the courtroom. We actively support our clients in pursuing and defending against damage and cease-and-desist claims.

Our copyright and media law advisory services especially include: 

  • Warning notices and actions for cease-and-desist orders against infringing third parties, in particular by way of preliminary injunctions
  • Pursuing claims for disclosure, damage compensation and destruction
  • Defending our clients against warning notices or litigation by third parties, including submitting protective letters to courts to avoid preliminary injunction
  • Drafting and revising declarations to cease and desist
  • Drawing up and revising license agreements
  • Assessing copyrights during M&A transactions (due diligence, agreement drafting)