Corporate Law

Legally advising companies and shareholders on all matters relating to corporate law represents a major focus of our activities and in particular encompasses the following areas:

We offer our clients guidance in choosing the right legal form for their company and prepare the required legal documentation (articles of association, shareholders agreements, bylaws, etc.).

Moreover, we assist clients in amending shareholders agreements, for example upon entry of a new shareholder, as a result of corporate structure alterations or when drafting contracts with board members, directors and officers.

Our corporate law-related activities furthermore center on preparing and executing mergers and acquisitions as well as restructuring companies and groups of companies – all of which are governed by the Umwandlungsgesetz [German Act Regulating Transformation of Companies].

In addition, our law firm also provides ongoing corporate law-related advice to companies (corporate housekeeping).

When shareholders wish to divest their company stakes, we develop tailor-made solutions for shareholder succession and share sales. Our lawyers advise management and supervisory board members on all liability-related issues. We also assist listed companies in preparing and executing their annual general meetings, in part by simulating typical critical situations that may arise on such occasions.

Examples of our corporate law services include:

  • Providing legal advice on company incorporation (choosing the best legal form)
  • Drafting contracts (shareholders agreements, pool agreements, management rules, etc.)
  • Rendering legal counsel on the entry or departure of shareholders
  • Joint ventures
  • Restructuring (for example: mergers, demergers / spin-offs, company legal form changes)
  • Restructuring entire group companies
  • Share capital increases or decreases
  • Provisions for corporate successions
  • Preparing and executing annual general meetings of stock corporations
  • Corporate governance
  • Compliance
  • Corporate housekeeping