Data Protection Law

Data protection law has long been underestimated and thus often played a rather marginal role. However, this has changed recently. Not least the judgment of the European Court of Justice on the inadmissibility of data transfer on the basis of the “Safe-Harbor” Agreement as well as the discussions on “Privacy Shield” – the potential successor of Safe Harbor – have demonstrated which key role data protection law plays today. More and more, the compliance with data protection requirements increasingly represents the actual challenge of companies’ global business models or complex international projects in the digital age.

Moreover, the new European general data protection regulation, which will become effective most likely as of mid-2018, already, casts its shadow. Companies should use the transition period on the one hand for the adjustment of their processes to the new European requirements, but on the other hand also use freedoms and flexibilities which might present themselves.

We advise companies with regard to the implementation of data protection strategies, the adjustment of their processes to the new general data protection regulation as well as with regard to other specific questions on data protection issues arising within the framework of existing processes or projects. Here, we check together with our clients their business operations and show both, risks and potentials of an effective data protection strategy. Often interlinkings with other areas of law arise, as e.g. with IT law, labour law or competition law.

In each case we provide our clients with a team which is best suited to their requirements, in order to live up to the specific requirements of each individual project and to achieve practical solutions for our clients.