Human Resources

Our experienced team of specialized solicitors for labor law advises and represents international companies and groups regarding all areas of labor law in order to solve individual and collective labor law issues, which often also affect social, tax and corporate law. Moreover, we also represent managing directors, managers, executives and employees concerning service and labor law issues.

We support our clients and their employees within the scope of human resource management, from recruitment to performance, motivation and illness management through innovative settlements, with negotiations with the works council and the staff council, regarding issues of company retirement pensions, with employee loyalty by developing particular provisions for service and labor contracts as well as part-time contracts through to dismissals and termination agreements.

Furthermore, we support companies in the international deployment of their workers both inside and outside the European Union as well as in the implementation of data privacy law regulations in the workplace.

One area of focus for our labor law consultation lies in the preparation and implementation of company reorganizations with rationalization and outsourcing measures. Here we support our clients in planning the measures, lead the negotiations with the works council and the trade unions within the scope of reconciliation of interests, social compensation plans, labor contracts or collective labor agreements and represent our clients before all courts throughout Germany in order to enforce their interests.

Our practice group Human Resources offers proficient labor law advice in the following areas:

  • labor dispute law
  • employment contract law
  • supervisory board election/corporate codetermination
  • company retirement pensions
  • transfer of undertakings
  • collective labor agreement
  • industrial constitution law/personnel representation law
  • compliance and labor law
  • data protection and labor law
  • service contract law
  • equal treatment/discrimination
  • insolvency and labor law
  • reconciliation of interests, social compensation plan
  • competitor disputes
  • disputes concerning dismissals
  • mergers and acquisitions
  • staff motivation
  • codetermination of works council/staff council
  • litigation
  • restructurings/transactional employment law
  • collective bargaining law
  • variable remuneration
  • contract design
  • consent procedures before authorities