Insolvency Law

The consultation needs of our clients depend on the way in which they are affected by a bankruptcy. For companies which regularly assume the creditor role, we offer advice on the minimization of default risk and help them in ensuring access to their collateral securities and implementing their claims. We also safeguard the creditor rights of our clients in ongoing bankruptcy proceedings.

The primary question for financially troubled companies is the avoidance of crises and bankruptcy, for example with the help of capital measures or asset transfer agreements. We see our task as identifying such preventative strategies for the troubled company and implementing them upon request. We represent the shareholders and official organs (i.e. CEO’s and executive boards) of insolvent companies in their defense against compensatory damage claims both in and out of court. Our court work further includes defense actions against rescission claims. Finally, we also advise companies who wish to acquire assets from a bankruptcy within the context of our transaction consultation.