Mergers & Acquisitions

The partners of our Practice Group “Mergers & Acquisitions” possess many years of experience in the conception and support of national and international M&A transactions as well as other commercial ventures. Having completed numerous such deals in several industries, we enjoy a profound knowledge of the field, which we utilize in the transaction process for the benefit of our clients.

Our areas of work include preparing and structuring the entire transaction as well as strategically advising and coordinating all necessary measures for the acquisition and sale of companies or their constituent parts, both by way of share transfer and the transfer of business operations. These may take special forms, such as auction sales or a management buy-out through participation in risk capital. We have particular experience in steering complex transactions, especially with Anglo-American and French counterparts. (see Practice Group “French Desk”)

We assist both domestic clients and foreign companies in the acquisition and sale of companies and their component assets. In each case, our consultation includes filing the registrations mandated by merger control law that are necessary for completing the transaction. (see Practice Group “Competition”)

Within the framework of a company acquisition, we assist you with the steps necessary for integration, such as developing a holding structure and adapting the target companies to existing corporate structures. Such actions often require a combined approach, with employment law and corporate law counsel working in tandem to achieve desired results. (see Practice Group “Human Resources” and “Corporate”)

Our Mergers & Acquisition advisory services especially include:

  • Strategic consultation for and negotiation of national and cross-border company transactions, both from the seller and buyer side
  • Transaction preparation and structuring
  • Due diligence test implementation
  • Contractual drafting (from the letter of intent to the purchase agreement to the closing protocol)
  • Competitive bidding process support and execution
  • Structuring of management buy-outs and management buy-ins as well as venture capital solutions
  • Private equity support
  • Anti-trust law advisory
  • Post-merger consultation and integration