Sports Law

As the world of sports grows increasingly commercialized, its legal ramifications become ever more important, especially as they relate to business law. Such issues apply not only for athletes, coaches, clubs and sports associations, but also for companies that are involved in sports, either directly or indirectly.

We give advice and represent athletes, coaches, managers and clubs regarding all aspects of negotiating, drafting and terminating player and/or employment contracts as well as sponsorship agreements, in each case taking specific consideration of the applicable sports rules.

Moreover, we have experience in representing athletes, coaches and athletic clubs in sports disputes, in particular in sports arbitration tribunals.

In addition, we specialize in advising companies on drafting and negotiating sponsorship agreements. In particular, in the run-up to huge sports events – such as the Olympic Games, European Football Championships or World Cup – we offer guidance to companies and advertising agencies on legal issues surrounding the conception and design of advertising campaigns related to such major events. 

In summary, our sports law advisory services especially include:

  • Drafting and negotiating player and/or employment contracts
  • Advising and representing clients regarding the termination of player and/or employment contracts
  • Representation in legal sports disputes, in particular in sports arbitration tribunals
  • Drafting, advising and negotiating sports sponsoring agreements
  • Legal counsel to companies and advertising agencies on advertising campaigns related to major sports events