Trademark Law

Trademarks and business names are the “calling card” of a company and a decisive factor for its business success. It is therefore extremely important to protect such assets as well as possible and defend them against attacks from others.

Together with our clients, we develop appropriate trademark strategies for protecting business names, logos, etc. and apply for the registration of individual trademarks, whether they be German, European Community or international trademark registrations.

When third parties violate the trademark rights of our clients, we vigorously enforce their rights with a fast and efficient response, in particular by way of cease-and-desist letters or preliminary injunction proceedings. This applies in particular cases of product piracy. Alternatively, we also specialize in defending our clients against unfounded trademark claims of third parties.

Moreover, we regularly speak and publish articles on trademark issues.  

Our trademark advisory services especially include: 

  • Developing global trademark protection strategies
  • Guidance in developing new trademarks and signs
  • Trademark application (German, Community or international trademark registration)
  • Trademark opposition proceedings
  • Legal representation and advice in all trademark disputes (cease-and-desist letter, preliminary injunction, legal proceeding)
  • Draft, verification, revision and negotiation of trademark license agreements, trademark purchase agreements and trademark differentiation agreements