Unfair Competition Law

We provide legal advice to companies and advertising agencies regarding the conception and design of advertising campaigns and the development of new marketing concepts. Our aim is to find legal solutions, not restrict the creativity and business success of our clients. Accordingly, we support our clients in developing successful product campaigns and advertising concepts.

We also advise our clients in disputes concerning unfair competition issues, in particular regarding misleading or comparative advertising campaigns, product imitation, price dumping and commercial practices – as well as unreasonable business disruptions and prohibited headhunting. With in-depth litigation experience in all these areas, we are also particularly skilled in handling preliminary injunction proceedings.

Moreover, we regularly speak and publish articles on competitive law issues.

Our unfair competition advisory services especially include:

  • Legal verification and advice concerning advertising campaigns, in particular: media, internet marketing, TV commercials, lottery, giveaways, business models, newsletters (also with respect to social media activities)
  • Training and advising executives and marketing departments regarding unfair competition law issues
  • Drafting and revising declarations of consent in connection with advertising campaigns, e.g. with regard to processing personal data or obtaining/granting image and name usage rights

Legal representation and advice in all matters relating to unfair competition and disputes (cease-and-desist letters, preliminary injunctions, legal proceedings)