Venture Capital / Private Equity / Startup

For all active players in private equity and venture capital, we offer efficient legal consultation on participating in companies and rounds of financing, along with identifying and implementing exit scenarios. Moreover, we support the operative business of portfolio companies. Working in close cooperation with the individual portfolio manager of the financing company, we serve the portfolio company management as a direct point of contact for answers to all relevant legal questions. In this context, our legal advice is closely integrated within the individual processes of the particular private equity or venture capital fund, its management and the management of the portfolio companies.

We have many years of experience in seed, venture and private equity financing as well as in buy-out and exit transactions. A considerable portion of our daily work in this area is particularly devoted to projects involving foreign investors. Accordingly, we are able to advise on all private equity and venture capital transactions in English and French.

However, our support extends not only to strategic or finance investors in private equity and venture capital, but also to companies and founders in their start-up phase and ongoing business operations. As we are deeply familiar with the vantage point and legal requirements of private equity and venture capital investors, we know what start-ups need to consider right from the outset, especially in view of a possible or planned future exit of the founders. Mindful of the sensitive financial situation start-up companies typically encounter in their initial phase, we are also happy to offer an individual consultation package that fits their budget.

We especially provide assistance in the following areas:

Preparing and drafting term sheets, preparing and negotiating contracts, especially in connection with rounds of financing, restructuring and exits

  • Performing legal due diligence, including special due diligence for particular cases and scenarios
  • Preparing and executing standard agreements and relevant updates
  • Protecting IP rights of portfolio companies
  • Delivering ongoing legal advice, for example in labor law, contract management and corporate housekeeping
  • Conducting tailor-made reviews of complex legal questions
  • Solving legal disputes, either in or out of court